The Top 10 Best Compact System Cameras

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Picking the best digital camera on the market today is a difficult task because it assumes that every photographer desires the same technological advantages. This is of course a false assumption. It is better to narrow the field by seeing how the merits of specific cameras are finest suited to specific consumers.The best compact system cameras on the market contain ingenious technology.

Determining the best is not nearly as simple as picking the highest megapixel count because there is much more to these cameras. A good place to begin is with an evaluation of the size-to-resolution capabilities of the photographic sensor inside. The Samsung NX200, which retails for around £540, is not the first option that many consider. The brand is known for electronics, but the dominance of Canon and Nikon has drawn attention away from incredible cameras like the NX200 with its 3:2 APS-C sensor and interchangeable lens capability. Add in the fact that it is mirrorless and this camera actually rivals DSLRs like the Nikon D70 in many ways.


Another place to look for amazing technological advancement is in the Lumix series cameras. This brand is essentially a fusion of technologies from Leica and Panasonic, which results in some extremely progressive electronics being matched to Leica’s incredible optics for a powerful camera at a fraction of competitor’s prices. The lenses and the Micro Four Thirds sensor system originally inspired the pursuit of all compact system cameras, and it is bringing even the big names into the market.


The Nikon 1 series is that manufacturer’s attempt to regain their market share in the Micro Four Thirds area, but the J1, retailing for £430, and the V1, retailing for £660, do not represent Nikon’s best efforts. The Leica M9, likewise, is a nice camera but the retail price of £4950 makes it impractical for all but the most affluent photographers. The truth is that the best compact system cameras are being produced by the peripheral brands because they stopped trying to compete with Nikon and Canon in the DSLR, and focused on making something new.


Here’s are list of the Top 10 Best Compact System Cameras on the market today:

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