Top 10 Classic Coffee Table Designs

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Entering a futuristic dream of designer furniture, both creative and functional is what Philippe Stark’s creations may evoke from anyone with furniture savvy. His work is ultra-unique, even in the company of such artists that he is revealed among . . . glass, wood and a composite plastic are sheer miracles of abstract shapes, heights, and variety in colour. The heart and heat of Miami in his Fire collection emit his passion for his work.

Ray Eames’ moulded plywood tables are round, low, and simply constructed, making a large surface area for any sofa using two or three of his small but powerfully designed constructs. End tables can be mixed and/or matched without any repetition or becoming too “single themed” in his contemporary American graceful style.

Coffee tables need not match sofa styles, as with Josep Hoffmann’s mahogany stained beechwood tables, which can be used with classic, 20th century, or modern furniture without drawing too much attention to its sturdy quality.

Isamu Noguchi’s Tribeca tables can be centre-stage inside a sofa and chair setting in large or small living areas or office space.

The starkness yet beauty of glass, tubular and squared metals and frames, of silver or brass are the copyright of Le Corbusier, with two-tiered construction of Eileen Gray’s products as well as Fritz Hanson; Ludwig Mies van de Rohe and Lilly Reich Barcelona styled tables are clean in line and simple in design. .

Arne Jacobsen’s Danish styles of wood and wood treatments lend a warm atmosphere, yet their slimness in design has a modern flavour fitting for any sofa or modular pieces, for home or office.

Eero Saarinens tulip design tables, both round and ovals are for delicate tastes, flattering sofa sets and chair sets with ease in their ability to blend well with any era yet can be beheld as the centrepiece, resulting in the talented work of this artist’s products.

Retailer Vitra’s desire to allow any place of work, as well as one’s home to be as appealing as possible simply in the use of their furniture; many private owners privileged enough to have these pieces in their environment count on repeated new designs and styles to be created by expert craftspeople who know the business of artwork not hung on their walls. These are useful creations, durable and timeless which don’t go out of style; they epitomise style.

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