Release of the Canon EOS 70D – Rumours Abound

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If like me, you are a keen photographer, you will have been following the rumours of the Canon EOS 70D since the beginning of the year. Well, it looks like those rumours are just about to become a reality. Here’s the latest news about the launch of the Canon 70D.

We understand from reliable sources that the launch will be within weeks. And here’s our lowdown to prove it!

6th August 2011 – artoftheimage posts a speculation video on youtube aroundup up all rumours of a 7D mark II, 70D (24 megapixel full frame), and possible replacement ideas for the 60D

1st January 2012 – First rumours start spreading around the internet. covers the story and suggests that it would be a replacement for the 7D along with a number of predictions for 2012, so of which have come true (Canon 5d III) and others that have not transpired (EOS 7D Mark II ).

5th January 2012 – speculates about an upgraded version of the EOS 60D including flip LCD, upgraded body material and better focusing at higher speeds.

25th January 2012 – Questions start being asked in the forum about a possible launch in the Summer and whether it is worth buying a 60D or waiting. Speculation occurs about an upgrade in ISO stops between 3 or 4 even and use of the Digic5 processor allowing it to shoot upwards of 11fps. The same day they post – “I have received little bits of info in regards to the replacement to the T3i and 60D, both will be “addressed” by the time Photokina rolls around (probably a lot sooner). Nothing in regards to specs or direction at this time.” –

27th February 2012 –  More forum rumours including updated 19 point AF functions, 100% Viewfinder and proper weather sealing

2nd March 2012 – Death of the 7D is debated in length on forums

8th March 2012 – canontweets reports a possible launch at photokina (18th Sep 2012)

13th March 2012 – Our clearly ‘fake’ image pops up on forums around the globe

16th April 2012 – covers rumours of an immanent release of the 70D

23rd April 2012 – thephotoforum is hot with rumours of a new a canon new launch (70D)

Our sources indicate that a number of things about the APS-C line of canons, the information we have gleaned suggests that the Canon EOS 6oD and 7D will be merged into a higher end camera around the 18-24mp point, but with a much improved sensor, potentially full framed, 19 AF points and better build quality than the 60D. It is almost certain that the 70D will have a flip LCD as this was one of the most popular features of the 60D, and my money is on a Digic5 processor shooting in excess of 11fps. It looks increasingly likely that it will be officially launch in September at Photokina, and will be heavily promoted in the 8 weeks prior to December to capitalise on the Christmas market.

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