First looks: Otone Stilo 5.1

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The Otone Stilo 5.1

It’s always nice to get surprised and this week was no exception. When I arrived home from a hard days work I found I had a large box waiting for me. The folks at Otone had sent me their latest system in the form of the Stilo 5.1 surround system. I be doing a full review in the coming weeks, but I thought you might be in interested in the unboxing of the Otone Stilo 5.1.

Centre speaker delivers a crisp mid-range sound. The quality of the mid-range sound is key to vocal clarity. I’m told that the Stilo 5.1 has been refined to give optimum mid-range output.


The 5.1’s has a patented Vortex Drive System which helps to creates high performance sound impact. It works by more efficiently dissipating the air flow out of the speaker to help reduce distortion.

The Stilo 5.1 comes with four satellite speakers to create a panoramic surround sound that intensifies any gaming or home cinema experience.


Will be covering the Otone Stilo 5.1 in more detail in a couple weeks, but you can find more information at Otone Audio.

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